NAVY service members use mutual love of hip-
hop to form rap duo PartNa EnCryme

NORFOLK, VA – Marcus Allen and Adom Lutalo are two rap-lovers who never thought they’d find kindred souls while stationed at a NAVY base in Great Lakes, Illinois. Allen, who hails from North Carolina, has always loved hip-hop and said it’s been his dream since a young boy to have a career as a successful musician. Lutalo, who was raised in Tampa, Florida, said he, too, was drawn to the arts an early age and began writing rhymes at the age of 9. But it wasn’t until early 2018, when the two were stationed together while serving with the NAVY, that they discovered their mutual love for hip-hop and a natural blending of talent that would lead them to form the rap group PartNa EnCryme.

“We’re trying to bring old-school vibes back with a new-school twist,” Allen said. “We lean toward rappers like Common and Redman and Method Man who have that old-school boom-bap with an East Coast hip-hop swag. We want to be passionate and create music that will last with people for a long time. We’d love for our music to be on TV shows or animation, or just in places where anyone who listens to it can know that the lyrics mean something and aren’t just a flash that everyone will forget.”

Their new single, “For The World,” is a perfect example of the type of music PartNa EnCryme is brining to the music industry. That old-school/new- school fusion is exemplified with a little jazz, hip-hop vibe laced with catchy lyrics and a driving beat. It’s a song that says, “We don’t really care what the world thinks about us, we just do what we want.” Allen said he hopes it becomes somewhat of an anthem for others in the world who need the encouragement to chase their dreams and be persistent through hardship.

Allen said he also hopes to bring a heightened cultural awareness to the world through his music. As a student of history with a concentration in Africa during college at Winston Salem State, Allen said he feels strongly about helping others understand where they come from and what their legacy says about their world. He hopes that his music career affords him opportunities to travel the world, and some day he’d love to be able to explore parts of Africa that he studied in college and learn about the origins of so many of the things in his life that he holds dear.

“Everything I want to do with my life is expressed in my music,” he said. “But I also do other things that allow me to express myself. I write comedy and screenplays. I love filmmaking and really would love to be a documentarian someday – working with National Geographic to document things from past African cultures. But right now I’m excited about the music and what Adom and I can do together. I hope people check us out and see this WuTang Clan kind of vibe we’ve got going on and will want more of it.”

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