Willie Maze On East Coast Digital Radio

"It's not about material wealth, It's about the fulfillment of a Dream. If you understand that you'll understand me."


What's life? Life is a series of events, a series of choices which lead to different consequences. Life is pain in order to feel joy, life is love in order to feel hate. Life is betrayal, life is loyalty.

"Who is WILLIE MAZE???"

Maze's story is one that hasn't been told in Hip Hop yet. It's the story of the corner bodegas in every hood. Born in Queens, N.Y. first son of Dominican immigrants following the American dream. Willie Maze fell in love with hip hop at a young age. Watching the older heads break dancing on the streets of Corona Maze became fascinated with the blossoming Hip Hop culture. He started trying to emulate the older heads on the block, writing down the raps of early hip hop pioneers and bragging that they were his own. A hip hop marriage would be formed that would plant the early seeds for what we now know as Crown City.

Thru a chance meeting and actually a case of mistaken identity Maze linked up with Frank Diggs a seasoned well known producer from the same hood. Early on Maze realized that he had finally found someone that could lay down the canvas for him to paint his vivid pictures. It was a natural fit. Maze then started recruiting more talent within the hood including his neighbor the soulful Merari his co-worker Castalano and the hood legend Consep another Corona emcee with an uncanny flow and wizard with wordplay.

The word spread in the hood and by chance thru a mutual acquaintance he was introduced to Camiliano another young hungry emcee also from Corona who would then introduce him to Trujillo and Suhar forming the nucleus for what we now know as Crown City Records.

Maze had the vision of building a formidable group of artist and businessmen. You can sort of say Maze is "Your favorite A&R's favorite A&R", with the talent he has brought together. Willie Maze's formula is keeping it simple, bringing you that real street corner bodega hip hop music. From tales of family struggles, alcoholism, the crack era to just doing feel good music. Willie Maze is an emcee's emcee. From doing park jams in Astoria Pj's to being recognized by Bobbito the Barber on the infamous Stretch Armstrong and Bobbito radio show "as a joy to listen to...and I don't say that to many people" Maze is a seasoned veteran so lets play ball.

Willie Maze

Sterling Simms “Nasty Girl” Video Links

Sterling Simms “Nasty Girl” Video Links

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Risky Bizzne$$ On East Coast Digital Radio

Risky Bizzne$$ On East Coast Digiatal Radio

Not your typical southern group, Risky Bizzne$$ is a throwback to the game.
Made up of mc’s Litso Green and Magnum Magillicutty, this hip hop duo is not
new to the game.

Litso started off as a member of a camp out of Little Rock called
Down-n-Dirty Entertainment. Magnum got his start with DTO Records. As both
situations changed, they both ended up being a part of Street Legal
Entertainment, in Pine Bluff, Arkansas. This camp pioneered alot of things
that are now going on in the rap crowd in this city, including putting out
10 cds in a 2 year period.Things didn’t work out at Street Legal which made
them, including solo rapper Grip Dinero, leave the camp, and start a group
of their own, Risky Bizzne$$.

Akbad, graphic designer, recording engineer, radio dj, has helped out the
group along the way, which led to a combined mixtape, “Dimesack”. featured
the group A-State Legends and Risky Bizzne$$.

“Where Im Coming From”, is the first project put out solely by the group.
The ep release is feel good music at its finest. With tracks produced by
Magnum and Kmoss productions, the beats can be compared to top notch
producers Kanye West and 9th Wonder.

Risky Bizzne$$ is also part of talk radio show on www.akbad.com called the
Wrong Brothers Radio show.filled with info, entertainment,sometimes a music
background, and comedy, this show is sure to have you on the edge of your
seat!There are several episodes available for download at www.akbad.com.
Look out for big things in the near future from this group!




Choyce On East Coast Digital Radio

Choyce On East Coast Digital Radio

Charles “Choyce” Dalton was born January 1 1986 in Springfield Gardens, New York to a father who did some DJ work in his younger days and to mother who also indulged in the Hip Hop culture in the mid 80’s. In 1992 CHOYCE moved to Rochdale Village in South Jamaica, Queens, where he became childhood friends with Mark “MAOM” Mclean and Wendell “Bonito” Jordan. Choyce always loved the Hip Hop culture from a young age, but it wasn’t until 1998 at the age of twelve that he discovered his musical ability. For years he was told he had musical ability but no one accepted him as an MC with great skill. It wasn’t until later in quest for musical greatness that he found out why his words weren’t as receptive as they should have been, he didn’t have the passion of someone that loved hip-hop. So after a couple years of evaluating his life and practicing his craft, he finally found the nitch he was looking after accepting hip-hop as his life and not just a hobby. These events that caused this transition make up the man that everyone now knows as “CHOYCE”.