East Coast rapper elevates quality of hip-hop with his
brand of music

JESSUP, HOWARD COUNTY, MD – Shawn “Lilshawn” Brown is a 21-year- old artist from Maryland who is taking the East Coast by storm. What started at age 12 as a fascination with hip-hop evolved into late-night recording sessions in homemade studios, and eventually grew to become a full-fledged music career after meeting long-time producer and collaborator, David Knocks – a DMV-famous producer, engineer and songwriter. The two have worked together for a few years now, developing a unique sound and style that Lilshawn said can’t compare to anyone else in the game right now.

“A lot of people around my age are going to the studio to make whatever comes to their mind,” he said, “but my music is way more than that. It’s more than just going to a local studio and spitting out whatever’s on your mind in the moment. I really work on my music and produce a high-quality sound. I have a good sound for a lot of people. I rap. I might put a little trap in there, but it’s not too much trap. Or you can also get an RB vibe, or a hip-hop vibe. I’m all-in-one when it comes to music.”

That unique sound is put on display with a handful of new releases that he’s excited to show off to the world. The first is a single called “How I’m Feelin’.” It’s a song that he said taps into his various moods during the song-writing process, and gives listeners an inside look into what it takes to come up with a truly original song that emotes and takes people on a journey.

“Sometimes when I write my music it goes off my mood, and with this particular song, I’d made a lot of money that day and I was feeling pretty good,” he said. “I heard the beat and I just started going on about how I was feeling good, and then expanded that to talk about everybody around me and how I was feeling toward them or what they do out here and how I think it’s supposed to be done. It’s definitely an upbeat song that a lot of people will enjoy.”

Another single that he’s recently released is called “I Need It.” Similar to “How I’m Feelin’,” this single was one that was inspired by a sick beat that Lilshawn said he knew immediately he could use to create a “very vibey song.”

“Most of my songs are very vibey and up-tempo, but this one is even more so,” he said. “It’s really just a song that’s me ranting off on how I need ‘it’ in every way. It’s a song that I hope makes people realize I’m the real deal and here to stay. I want people to hear my music and say, ‘This kid’s got it – he’s got a sound and he’s talented.’”

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