[Video] Dirty Gamez – Ironman @KODirtygamez

Dirty Gamez is a premier group out of Colorado. The group was established in 2002. The group is the oldest hip-hop Label In Colorado. It is also the largest record label in the state of Colorado. In addition to being the number one label in Colorado dirty gamez was given the opportunity To buy a local FM radio station. Currently, “Dirty Gamez” music is blasted out to over 800,000 people daily. Dirty gamez is representative of that midwest sound with east coast and west coast influences. The label currently has signed K’O Official, C-Ragg; Ghost, Remedy,Yung June, Fatal, Lazy B, drama; Infamous, JS and Damien Damani. The label Dirty Gamez has strong ties with Def Jam recordings and Strange music. The label presently has a song out with Two chainz called “Light Work” and they recently released a song with Yo Gotti call “Nobody.” The songs features Dirty Gamez artists KO, Fatal and Yung June.

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