Jae Ari “Something New” feat. Kyara – @ItsANewJae

Jae Ari

New Music from Jae Ari — “Something New” off his forthcoming album: Leave Even Better

“Toronto is a crazy-ass city, I mean, it’s always changing. Always been distinct with its people, culture/music and art. I thought when creating this, how to incorporate these things in sound. You know, the feeling of change, moving on, and even growing as an artist best reflected the direction I was trying to take .. it was a bonus my homie @KyaraT was also able to regulate & embody that. I’m focused on progression right now & with this project & ‘Something New’, I feel like it’s a dope start”

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Artist Name: Jae Ari
Track Name: Something New feat. Kyara
Artist Email:bsedigitalpromo@gmail.com
Website URL: www.JaeAriMusic.com
Twitter URL: @ItsANewJae
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