God’s Favorite Rapper On East Coast Digital Radio

God’s Favorite Rapper easily has to be Rahsaan Stephon Mark Alexander, better known in the streets simply as Rahsaan. He is a Brooklynite who is not only a promising Rapper but also a menswear designer. Rahsaan was born on May 8th 1980 in Georgetown, Guyana but raised in Brooklyn, New York. Rah’s fresh to death style in Hip-Hop coupled with his up bringing has made him the poster boy for “New Brooklyn.” “New Brooklyn” represents the new era of BK style. Along with the neighborhood restorations & gentrification, spending some Eastern Parkway paper, some Flatbush Fresh on top of some Dekalb Dunks is inevitable.

Rahsaan’s 80’s fresh swagger has landed him in several magazines such as XXL, The SOURCE, DNR, Mugshot, The AVE, etc. He was also the lead model in Mecca’s fall and Spring Ad campaigns where he was photographed by renowned director Dave Meyers.

With the death of his father in February ’96, Rahsaan was rushed into manhood prior to his 16th birthday. Rahsaan transferred that pain onto paper, where he learned that the pen is mightier than the sword. He became a “journal to music, prayin’ its theraputic.” Rah’saan never found it necessary to bombard listeners with talks of money & jewels, nice houses & cars. His inate ability to paint pictures without a brush makes his signature style that much more potent. In time he has realized that being himself has freed him from being pigeon holed into any specific sub genre of Rap. His hard work ethic has gotten him well known among New York’s underground and open-mic circuit earning his now spotless street cred. Rahsaan is also the younger brother of former The Source Editor In Chief, book writer, and BET executive Selwyn Seyfu Hinds.

If the real recognize real then Rah’saan must look very familiar to you.

“Hustle On”

“Here We Go Again”

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